A marketplace for showcasing your personal career brand using a digital autobiography and killer apps. A portal that will put you at the front of the war for talent.

A. The Talent

envisionme.co.za is a living, breathing, professional showcase – your real-time career autobiography combined with a multimedia resumé – that allows talented people and interesting organisations to connect, experience one another and work together. It gives you a personalised URL, a QR code and the skills, advice and guidance to make you more employable.

(Anyone with a smartphone and a heartbeat will agree that the online arena has changed the way companies hire, and the way we job-seek. So we’ve created envisionme.co.za to take top features of social recruiting, like search, skills matching and self-promotion and create the ultimate professional mash-up.)

We live our lives online. And, every minute, we leave the next digital footprint in a long, expressive trail of ‘Me’. Call it a movie – the career movie of You. But, like anything important, your online brand should be carefully managed – so that talent-seekers are blown away. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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You have 30 seconds to describe your professional strengths. GO! Lost for words? Tongue-tied? That’s fine. Draw a picture instead. Or show a video. Or share a blog post. Whatever medium or combination of media best serve to represent you, use them. In one place. Easily. Now.

Envisionme.co.za is the online space where individuals and companies can fully represent themselves in a multi-dimensional, multimedia manner. It’s like the soundtrack to your career – the extra something that elevates it.

Using the best, latest and most well-rounded of social media formats and channels, you can offer recruiters the chance to experience you – your work, opinions, strengths, achievements – through words, pictures, video, audio, streams, feeds, downloads and killer apps. In 3D, basically.

And you don’t need to re-load everything you’ve ever written, designed, posted, loaded or tweeted. You can link or aggregate relevant content from existing social media accounts. It’s simple, broad, professional – and a lot more engaging than black text, white pages and a paper clip.

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There’s no way a 30-minute interview or 4-page resume can tell the presenter of your dream job what you’re about. You need to wow them long before that, in ways that speak to them. You need to knock their socks off; to make yourself look like the recruitment prize of the year.

As well as providing a professional online space for personal branding via audio, video, slides and documents, envisionme.co.za intends to be a portal.

In time, there’ll be sample CVs; tips on interview preparation, including mock questions on video; online portfolio creators; articles on presentation, writing, budgeting, salary negotiation, and industry developments; and a host of killer apps to make online recruitment happen, almost all by itself.

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B. The Talent-Seeker

Envisionme.co.za is where you can showcase your organisation or your client’s company in an exciting, inviting and multi-dimensional manner.

After all, it’s a jungle out there, there’s a war for talent and you should be able to access it, attract it and be 100% sure of the corporate, cultural and capability fit.

Use the superior search and matching functionalities and move from zero to shortlist in record time. After all, isn’t good hiring ultimately about chemistry?

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C. envisionme.co.za An Adcorp Group Company

The envisionme.co.za team comes from different backgrounds: IT, branding, recruitment, social media, communication, HR and others. But one thing we share is an (almost-geeky-but-not-quite) attachment to the online space, gadgets, apps, getting things done, being successful, being well-rounded and having impressive, accurate, comprehensive, switched-on personal brands.

Put a little more concretely, we’re about globally empowering people by showcasing their talents and achievements. To do this we use state-of-the-art technology to match those with the skills to those requiring the skills.

An Adcorp Group company, envisionme.co.za forms part of the stock-exchange-listed Adcorp Holdings, South Africa’s largest employment services company. It is also the local sibling of NoJoShmo.com (available in Australia, South America, Asia, the UK, Canada, the US and the UAE) as well as top national recruitment firms including ADfusion, CapacityOutsourcing, CapitalOutsourcing Group, Charisma, DAV, FMS, Premier Personnel, Paracon, PMI, Quest and Staff U Need.

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